Drama Program Donations

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Want to support the hard-working, creative, and talented Drama students at R.A. Long High School? 

Your donations are key to the success of the RAL HS Drama program!

How will my donation support RAL HS Drama students?

With your donation, we can make the RAL HS Drama program accessible and meaningful for all students.

Your donation will help provide opportunities such as:

  • Financial assistance for students to participate in drama events

  • College scholarships (Visit the Theatre Scholarships page to learn more)

Your donation could help offset the cost of RAL HS Drama productions by paying for things like:

  • Licensing rights

  • Materials for costumes, sets, and props

  • Advertising and playbills

Or it might support the Dana Brown Mainstage Theatre by funding things such as:

  • Headsets for technicians

  • Upgrades/Replacements to lighting and sound equipment

How do I donate to the Dana Brown Mainstage Theatre?

Most donations are either mailed or done in person at productions or in the RA Long ASB Office.  We have also added an online donation option!

R.A. Long High School Mailing Address

R.A. Long High School
Attn:  Jaimie Barchus/Drama Program
2903 Nichols Blvd
Longview, WA 98632

Is RA Long HS Drama program a nonprofit?

The drama program at RA Long falls under the umbrella of the Longview School District Tax ID.  All donations are tax deductible. Under the umbrella of the Longview School District, we are not classified as a 501(c)(3) under the IRS Revenue Code, however charitable contributions to the District/School are allowed under IRS Revenue Code 170(c)(1).  IRS 170(c)(1) allows the deduction of charitable contributions to political subdivision of a State.  The Longview School District/RA Long High School is classified as a political subdivision of Washington State.  Our Tax ID number is 91-6001605.

How do I donate online? 

  • Visit our ONLINE PAYMENT portal
  • Create a Guest User account. 
  • Under the  Shop section, click on Items at all Schools.  
  • Click on HIGH SCHOOL
  • Click on RA Long HS
  • Under Categories, Click on Donations

For a video demonstration of our online system, please CLICK HERE.