Community Service & Service to School


Community Service/Service to School Form (pdf fillable)


Looking for places to volunteer?  Download this reference document! 


Here at R.A. Long, we strive to cultivate a community of helping others.  Performing community service has been shown to offer a number of benefits for young people before, during, and even after their high school years. The benefits of volunteering can have a holistic effect on students’ lives—professionally, educationally, and personally. 

As part of the graduation requirements, students are required to complete a set number of Community Service and Service to School hours. 

  • Class of 2024 - Need 18 community service hours AND 9 service to school points
  • Freshman - Juniors - Need 24 community service hours AND 12 service to school points

Looking for service opportunities? Make sure you listen to the morning announcements and check the Career Center for any sign-up sheets! You can also check your advisory class page for upcoming opportunities!