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25 reasons to join the military

Everyone has their own motivation for joining the military. Here are 25 of the most common reasons people join:

1. To serve your country

2. To learn new skills or a trade

3. To find purpose

4. To travel

5. To get physically fit

6. To pay for college

7. To save money

8. To have adventure

9. To have medical benefits

10. To enjoy job stability

11. To retire early

12. To gain experience

13. To continue family tradition

14. To find an alternative to college

15. To earn respect

16. To form friendships

17. To receive housing, stipend or loan

18. To learn discipline

19. To gain perspective

20. To meet challenges

21. To earn military perks

22. To get paid vacation days

23. To get help starting a business

24. To find a positive environment

25. To showcase leadership abilities


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Local Recruiting Offices

US Army Longview Recruiting Station

965 15th Ave, Ste 160

(360) 423-3090

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Marine Corps Recruiting Longview

740 Ocean Beach Hwy

(360) 904-2254

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US Air Force & Space Force Recruiting

965 15th Ave, Ste 150

(253) 720-6095

Visit Webpage

Washington Army National Guard Recruiter

819 Vandercook Way

(360) 480-1163

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