SAT and ACT Testing

Many colleges and universities require that you submit SAT or ACT scores when you apply for admission. However, there is a rising trend by several schools that make SAT/ACT score submissions "TEST OPTIONAL".

What does TEST OPTIONAL mean? 

At its most basic definition, test optional means that you do not need to submit SAT or ACT scores to be considered for admission to a particular school. While you may submit test scores if you want, you are not actually required to do so. Your school will make its admission decision based on your application, transcript (course history, course rigor, GPA, grades), essay(s), if required, and letter(s) of recommendation. 

You will need to check your schools' admissions requirements to find out if SAT/ACT scores and SAT Subject Tests are required for admissions. 

It's good practice to take the ACT and/or SAT in the spring of your junior year.  If you aren't satisfied with your scores, it would benefit you to study and take practice tests over the summer and retake the test(s) in the fall of your senior year.  

Some schools may require that you take a specific test (either ACT or SAT), so make sure to check the school's website before you register for testing; also find out if the school(s) to which you are applying require the Essay portion and/or Subject Tests.

Preparation through SAT Wordlists

To increase the score of your test, it is recommended to learn essential vocabulary words and their definitions several months in advance by using word lists. Certain words are likely to appear repeatedly on the SAT. If you expand your vocabulary with the most important SAT words, you will understand the questions better and be able to answer more eloquently. In addition, your newly acquired vocabulary will help you in your future college and work life.

To learn more about this topic, visit the Crosswordsolver Webpage HERE!


...if you're planning on attending community college, it is not necessary to take the SAT or ACT. Community colleges use a college placement test, like Accuplacer or ALEKS, to assess your reading, writing and math skills to determine appropriate class placement at the college level.