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Now is the perfect time to start planning your future!  The WA Student Achievement Council offers multiple resources to help you get started today! 

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Graduation Coach Seniors

Gwendolyn Hunter

Gwendolyn Hunter

From preparing for graduation to applying to colleges, seniors have so many tasks and activities to do in their senior year of high school that it can be a challenge for them to balance their studies and other important aspects of their lives. To make sure their senior year will be successful, use these resources to help navigate students through college plans, scholarships, and more. 


College Success Foundation

Through the Washington College Access Network (WCAN), students can access the College Knowledge materials in multiple languages.  As a quick reference, below are the links to the handbook and 2022/23 updates. 

College Knowledge Handbook

2022-23 Updates



College Bound


Learn about careers featuring BIPOC profiles through Informational Interviews without all the hassle.

Explore careers, daily life, income potential and good and bad stories from real people doing real work.

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