College in High School (CiHS)

R.A. Long is currently partnering with Central Washington University and Eastern Washington University. 

College in the High School is a program where students earn college credits by taking classes at their high school. The courses offered are part of a typical high school student’s schedule. The college credits available can be applied toward many college or university general undergraduate requirements. Students stay enrolled in their high school; take courses with their high school teachers; elect to have their high school grades applied to a college credited course; and reduced tuition is charged with some financial support for students in need.

Central WA University (CWU)


Classes Offered

  • Statistical Concepts & Methods - Math 211 - MAT529/MAT530
  • Math Analysis Functions & Reasoning Math 152 - MAT411/MAT520
  • Pre-Calculus 153/Math 153 - MAT415
  • Pre-Calculus 154/Math 154 - MAT416
  • Calculus 172/Math 172 - MAT511
  • Calculus 173/MATH 173 - MAT512
  • Biology 101 - SCI501/SCI804
  • Physics 1/Physics 111 - SCI805
  • Physics II/Physics 112 - SCI806
  • Intro to Politics 101 - SOS803
  • American Politics 210 - SOS804

Eastern WA University (EWU)


Classes Offered

  • English 101 - Composition: Exposition & Argumentation (1st Semester) - ELA813
  • English 201 - Composition: Analysis, Research & Documentation (2nd Semester-pre req. Eng 101) - ELA818
  • English 170 Intro to Literature - ELA815/ELA816

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CiHS Teaching Staff

Staff is comprised of RA Long teachers who have been approved by the college to teach the courses during the re

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