RA Long AVID Program


What is AVID?

Advancement via Individual Determination, or AVID, is a college-readiness program that equips students with the necessary tools and skills needed to be successful in a four-year university program. AVID students are taught organizational strategies and study skills, use collaboration to solve problems and receive help with college admissions and prep tests. RA Long's AVID program creates a close-knit, supportive community that helps our students build a strong foundation for their future academic, professional and personal success.

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AVID Program (Year-by-Year)

Student Requirements

  • Attend an AVID elective class during the regular school day

  • Enroll in one or more advanced academic class (Honors, Pre-AP or AP) each semester

  • Maintain satisfactory citizenship and attendance in all classes

  • Maintain AVID binders with assignment/grade record sheets and daily notes in all classes

  • Complete all homework assignments and commit to studying every night



What does an AVID elective class look like?

  • Mondays - AVID Curriculum, AVID Teacher
  • Tuesdays - Tutorials
  • Wednesdays - AVID Curriculum, AVID Teacher
  • Thursdays - Tutorials
  • Fridays - Community Building, Field Trips, Socratic Seminars, Media Center, Speakers, Motivational Activities
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Our AVID Program is Districtwide

AVID trains educators to use proven practices in order to prepare students for success in high school, college and careers, especially students traditionally underrepresented in higher education.

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