Did you order a yearbook? Still need to order? Check this out!

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2021/22 Yearbooks Are Coming!!

The main book will be shipping from the factory on June 11, so students WHO PRE-ORDERED a book will be able to pick up yearbooks during Summer School Hours from June 20 – June 30 in the Library.

Stay tuned to find out when the Graduation Supplement will arrive.


Now that you know how cool the 2021 yearbook is, there are still some copies left that can be purchased for $40.

Seniors—if you want to collect them all, up to 20 bundles that include the 2019, 2020, and 2021 yearbooks are available. These can be purchased for $100.

Are you experiencing fear of missing out because you didn’t pre-order your 2022 yearbook? Quick! Get your name on the waiting list!

As soon as yearbooks arrive, Jaimie will be contacting people on the waiting list to give them the opportunity to buy one of the 2022 yearbooks.

Only 50 extra yearbooks were ordered this year, so don’t miss out.

Visit the ASB Office to make your yearbook purchases.